Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nia?

Nia is much more than just a fitness or dance class. It's the art of movement – the body's way. Nia is a unique cardio-dance system and lifestyle practice for achieving sustainable health, fitness, and well being.

In Nia, we believe every person can discover, explore, unleash, and enhance their individual potential to live a healthy and meaningful life by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies.

What can I expect from a Nia class?

In this holistic expressive dance workout, you can expect to begin by stepping into a class, barefoot, with a beginner's mind.
We usually use tai-chi or yoga-like movements to warm up, and then get swept away into a state of joy, and before you know it, we'll be playfully stretching on the floor, and stepping out of class.

We move our bodies to  a variety of world music in a fun and sustainable way. Nia brings mindfulness to your dance movement experience leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.
Each class incorporates a unique focus, directing your attention to something different to ensure constant changes and results.


I haven't exercised in a long time, will I be able to keep up?

Thanks to Nia's adaptability, you can decrease the speed, intensity, and plane of movement anytime.

What are the benefits of Nia?

  • Develops grace, power and muscle tone
  • Posture, balance and stability
  • Cardiovascular heart health
  • Flexibility, agility, strength
  • Improvement in range of motion, leading to physical comfort and ease; relaxation
  • Music and movement that arouse the senses, inspiring our inner child, warrior and dancer
  • Increased creativity and appreciation of the world
  • Increased Self-love


Who is Nia for?

Nia is for ANY BODY!

I danced Nia while I was pregnant; the founder is over 65 years old; and I've heard of an 80-year old that became a Nia teacher!


I have pain in my - back, shoulder, neck etc - can I still join?

This class could especially help you! Because Nia is a sensory-based movement, you will be guided to check in with your body again and again. Our bodies are coded for pleasure and Nia's philosophy helps us remember that.

The secret for you is to stop exercising and start moving.... follow the pleasure principle: IF IT FEELS GOOD, DO IT; IF IT DOESN'T, STOP.